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12 Straight Questions with Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore on stage

12 Straight Questions with Vinnie Moore by L.C.
[italian version]

1) Vinnie welcome to Pisa! It’s not the first time you play in our city, right? What do you like best about our country and our city?
«I have been to pisa once before in 2011. I hope I have a little more time there this time. Last time i was only there for a couple hours actually. I love the culture there in Italy.»

2) You’re currently doing this solo tour in Europe, where the idea of  this tour comes from?
«I had some time off from UFO and thought it would be great to go out and do some solo shows.»

3) What is the line-up of your band for this european tour  and what about the songs you’re presenting on stage?
«I will be playing with italian musicians on this tour. I don’t know them but checked out their playing online and they are really great! I will be doing songs from many of my records: some older stuff and some new

4)Your last solo album is “to the Core” released in 2007. Do you have any plans of a new one and do you think the “new work” will be different from what you have done in the past as a solo artist?
«I don’t have any specific plans at the moment. I would like to put together a new band though and do some of my vocal songs

5) Your first solo-album is “Mind’s Eyes” published by Sharpnel Records in the 1986 and considered a classic of rock-guitar instrumental music. When you were writing and recording “Mind’s Eyes”, you realized that you were working on a master-piece?
«No, of course not. I was 20 years old when I was writing the songs for that record and was just trying to be inspired and write something good

6) Are you still in contact with Mike Varney?
«He came out to see Ufo a few weeks back in Santa Rosa, California.»

7) Your first album is “Soldiers of the Night”, the debut of Vicious Rumors,  the metal band you have worked with at the beginning of your
career. What are your recollections of the years spent with the group and what did’t work with the band at that time (you left Vicious Rumors in 1987)?

«I have good memories of working with the band. I left because musically my head was in a different place than theirs. I wanted to do different things musically than what they wanted to do

8) When you are working for your solo-album do you enter the studio with some specific ideas about the songs, or is the recording process a
natural and spontaneous one instead? And what approach do you use for the solos?

«I record all of my stufff in my home studio. usually I come up with ideas while playing guitar. once I get a new idea…I start to get related ideas. It starts to grow. Then when I have a few parts, i go into my studio and record the ideas with a drum track. I just start to build it and organize it from there. for solos i like to just play and let the emotion flow out.»

9) Besides Viciuous Rumors, you solo career and UFO, you play and tour with Alice Cooper. Could you share something of the time spent with “Alice”?
«That was on the Hey Stoopid tour. it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.»

10) From 2004 you work with the great rock band UFO, How did you get in touch with guys of the group?
«They were looking for a guitarist and heard about me. I sent them a cd of some of my songs and that’s how I got the gig

11) You are a different kind of guitarist than Michael Schenker or Paul Chapman. How do you feel playing Shenker/Chapman “stuff” and which are, in your opinion, your biggest contributions to the UFO’s music/songwriting/live shows?
«I like playing some of the older stuff. It’s a lot of fun for me. I usually play the important things that need to be in the songs, but improvise a lot too. I guess my biggest contribution is always showing up for the shows…(ha ha ha), and also my songwriting

12) What’s in store for Vinnie Moore and which are your future goals?
«To take some time off to relax ha ha ha! Thanx a lot for the interview. I appreciate it. »

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