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Twelve Straight Questions with John Corabi

John Corabi "plays" Pisa (19 october Borderline Club)

John Corabi "plays" Pisa (19 october Borderline Club)

Twelve straight question with vocalist-guitarist John Corabi [interview italian version click here], that will play live in Pisa (Borderline Club, 19 october).Welcome to Pisa John! What do you got going right now?
«Just out promoting my new acoustic record called “John Corabi Unplugged”…. comes out November 13 worldwide on Ratpak records, and trying to make new fans and friends!!!!»

Are you going to play the Pisa’s gig with your band (Chris Nolan bass, Cheney Brannon drums, and D. A. Karlos guitars) or on your own? How have you chosen the guys in your band?
«No…unfortunately they couldn’t come this time. It’s just me trying to promote so they can come in the very near future…»

Your last album is “John Corabi Unplugged” a collection of Mötley Crüeand the Scream classics re-recorded with acoustical arrangements plus five new tracks. Coud you share some thoughts about the record?
«I just wanted to do something different and unexpected…I’ve always had an affinity for acoustic music of all types.»

When last year Vince Neil told he was seriously contemplating a split from Mötley Crüe, you said the band has “no intentions of ever asking me back, nor would I go back, if they did ask…What’s done is done”’s realy your final word about your (potential) comeback in Mötley Crüe? Why?
«I had a great time with the Motley guys, but a lot of the fans will never accept any other version of something called Mötley Crüe, and what’s done is done as I said!!!!»

The “Mötley Crüe” record showed great sound, good heavy songs, good solos, ispired drumming, great vocals, but have no reminiscences of Crüe-sound with Neil or links with previous “Mötley” Album. Do you think this could be the main reason the album had’t the success of the previous efforts? Or you think that maybe the grunge explosion problems with labels or management are to blame?
«It was a combination of everything you stated, plus the fact that there was a bit of mudslinging and name calling, which was completely unnecessary!!!!»

I like a lot your chapters in the book “The Dirt”: they are “real” with the descriptions of alienation and excess, and “true” when you recall the feeling of beeing in the band and the leaving the group.There has been any specific memory that has been “hard” to remember?
«No…I remember it all quite vividly, and yes it was a difficult period for me as a musician and man.»

A step back in time: at the beginning of your career as a musician, you also worked with rock band Angora. Then you formed The Scream with ex Racer X musicians. what are your recollections of the time you spent with those bands?
«It was just a really pure, fun time. We were all so excited about the simple things in regards to the music business at that time…but boy how things have changed! Lol»

After “Mötley Crüe”, you did 3 CDs with Union, albums with ESP (ERic Singer Project) a lot of touring with Ratt, some songs with Brides of Destruction…could you tell us something about your collaboration with those groups?
«I just love writing and working with new people!!! Different ears hear different things and I find that wonderful and refreshing sometimes!!»

How has your songwriting changed over time?
«I think everybody’s writing changes as they experience new things that life has to offer…So we all grow hopefully as people»

How about your main musical influences? The bands you now admire/respect the most?
«Mainly…The Beatles and Led Zeppelin»

Are you in touch with Bruce Bouillet, John Alderete and Scott Travis the guys from The Scream? Any chance of a reunion for this great band?
«No. Unfortunately we don’t get to see or speak much. We’re all so busy..It really is a shame. I wouldn’t want to do a reunion without all the original members, and unfortunately Walt passed away a few years back.»

What’s in the near future of John Corabi?
«Like I said earlier…travelling the world, playing music, and making tons of new Friends!»

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